From Side Streams to Market

A sustainable way of producing high-value ingredients from low-value residual side streams. Biomass fermentation is a process in which we convert organic materials and nutrients, into circular products.

What is Biomass Fermentation?

Agriculture and the food industry generate significant amounts of co-products and residual side streams that often goes to waste. At Avecom, we turn this challenge into an opportunity to create biobased, cost-effective products from these lost flows.


Our process uses 100% natural micro-organisms to transform industrial side stream excesses into various ingredients. Our products are incredibly sustainable, requiring less use of virgin materials, less exploitation of land, and less water use. Avecom has designed flexible fermentation platforms to efficiently produce high-value ingredients, ranging from single cell proteins for feed and food applications, over biopolymers to produce bioplastics to organic fertilizers. Whether you’re interested in exploring or scaling up these opportunities or need assistance with the development of a specific biobased ingredient, Avecom is here to help!

An Eco-Friendly Avenue to Produce Biobased Ingredients 

Closing the loop in food & feed applications  

 Biobased and biodegradable polymers 

 Can be used in agriculture as organic fertilizer

Micro-Organisms for Solution Development

We research, develop and scale up innovative production processes from different side streams and gases:

We create PROMIC, microbial proteins for animal feed. Do you have a side stream, but no use? We can research, develop, and scale up this together with you. Our labs and small-scale production facilities hold the Feed Chain Alliance certificate.


We are a recognized innovator with our POWER TO PROTEIN gas fermentation platform for the sustainable production of food-grade protein-rich ingredients, as a response to global challenges and the more conscious consumer

  • We co-develop biobased and biodegradable alternatives for polymers
  • We support agriculture with a range of slow release organic fertilizers
  • We collaborate with universities and industrial companies to develop innovative products and processes, providing laboratory testing and support for scaling up.

Different Applications for Biomass Fermentation




Power to Protein!

The food industry has an enormous ecological footprint. Multiple studies show that investing in sustainable food solutions can be one of the most impactful actions to help solve climate problems. With PROMIC and POWER TO PROTEIN, Avecom created the answers to this problem to be part of the solution! How it works? Watch our webinar, download our two pager, and discover for yourself.