Restoring the Natural Balance 

Environmental remediation is an important area of focus in modern society as it seeks to address the detrimental effects caused by human activities.

What is Environmental Remediation? 

Both industry and agriculture have a high environmental footprint. As a responsible organization, it’s important to minimize its impact, but it can be challenging to do so alone. That’s where Avecom comes in.


Avecom specializes in environmental remediation and biodegradation, which involves removing or controlling pollutants and contaminants from the environment to reduce the risk of harm to human health and restore natural surroundings. Whether you need to clean your soil, water, or air, Avecom optimizes the required remediation processes to effectively address environmental issues faced by businesses like yours.

Contaminated soil, air, or water?

Microbes can help! Give us a call!

Microbes Against Contamination and Pollution 

Contamination of wastewater, air, or soil can lead to environmental damage and regulatory issues. At Avecom, we provide a range of microbial solutions to help you manage and solve these problems.


We understand that each situation is unique. That’s why we offer feasibility tests for wastewater treatment, digestion processes, and soil remediation. 

We provide the industry with biodegradation tests in soil and water. We provide molecular monitoring and can support solving microbial corrosion problems. And finally, we support our customers with specialized nutrient blends and optimized microbial cultures. Our goal is to determine the most effective solution tailored to your specific situation, ensuring the best possible outcome.

The Value of Environmental Remediation 

Avecom is a trusted provider of environmental remediation solutions for organizations across various industries. Our team of scientific experts has the knowledge and experience to help you address many of the environmental challenges your company may face. Why work with Avecom?  

To save costs:

With increasing consumer awareness and regulatory attention on our environment, it’s crucial for organizations to mitigate environmental risks. As environmental issues can result in significant regulatory fines, and economical damage and impact your image. At Avecom, we help you in your process of compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

For health and safety:

Environmental hazards and pollutants can have serious consequences for human health and safety, as well as for the natural environment. That’s why Avecom is committed to providing effective solutions to address these issues and protect nature, your employees, and the community.

For environmental solutions for industry innovators:

We support industry innovators with their process and product development with our specific expertise in biodegradation (in soil and water), and bioremediation.

As sustainability becomes increasingly important, we at Avecom recognize the value of creating solutions that benefit everyone. To this end, we partner with industrial companies to co-develop new and innovative microbial products and processes. Our commitment to working closely with our partners ensures that we achieve our desired goals together. 

Contact us today to learn more about how our solutions and services can address your specific challenges.

Different Applications for Environmental Remediation

Microbial Corrosion


Water Treatment and Water-Reuse

Sustainable practices in water (re)usage are essential. As water reclamation becomes increasingly important after processing and treatment, investing in these practices could be a deciding factor in your company’s success.  Watch our webinar, download our two-pager, and discover for yourself what Avecom can do for you!